Roundtable discussion «Africa and BRICS: Reflections and Prospects»
Date and time: April 15, 2024, 12:00–14:00
Venue: 11 Pokrovsky Blvd, Durasov House, Green Hall

On April 15, HSE University in Moscow will hold a roundtable discussion «Africa and BRICS: Reflections and Prospects». The event is organised by the BRICS Expert Council — Russia within the framework of Russia’s BRICS Chairship in 2024.

BRICS and Africa share a long history of partnership. Africa has not only been officially represented in BRICS since 2010, but has also been involved in the BRICS+ format activities. Economic ties between Africa and BRICS have shown remarkable growth over the years: in 2012, BRICS - Africa trade rose to as much as 340 billion US dollars, which is 10 times higher than in 2000. And in 2023, trade between Africa and BRICS reached almost 500 billion US dollars, making BRICS the largest trade partner of the continent.

The expansion of BRICS opens a new chapter for BRICS-Africa cooperation. The Johannesburg Summit 2023 has shown that Africa is in the focus of the BRICS global strategy, and Africa’s influence within BRICS keeps gaining momentum. Now it is crucial to set parameters for future relations between BRICS and Africa and provide a strategic outlook on how BRICS-Africa relations should develop in the long-term perspective.

What are the most important aspects of cooperation between BRICS and Africa? What are the highlights of BRICS-Africa cooperation prior to the Johannesburg Summit? What other African states can join BRICS in the future? How can we further stimulate economic ties between BRICS and Africa? Can Africa use BRICS as a platform to communicate the continent’s interests and needs to the global arena?

Mr. Steven Gruzd, Head of the African Governance and Diplomacy Programme at SAIIA
Mr. Gustavo de Carvalho, Senior Researcher on African Governance and Diplomacy at SAIIA

Dr. Victoria Panova, Head of the BRICS Expert Council—Russia; Vice Rector of HSE University

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