May 22 - 24 | Moscow
(according to the registration form)
(according to the registration form)
What were your main goals for participating in the Forum?*
Were there any difficulties in the process of obtaining an invitation to the forum or any other challenges before arriving in Moscow?
Please evaluate the efficiency of the on-site registration process on the day of the Forum
Did you encounter any difficulties during the on-site registration process?
Did you seek assistance from the volunteers during the BRICS Academic Forum?
Please rate volunteer assistance:
Availability of volunteers (it was easy to find a volunteer)
Response time
Sufficiency of the provided information
Friendliness and etiquette
Simultaneous translation
Please rate the quality of simultaneous translation
Did you encounter any other difficulties while staying in Moscow?


Please rate the quality of coffee breaks and meals according to these criteria
Diversity of the dishes
Taste of the dishes
Table setting


Please indicate how useful and interesting the BRICS Academic Forum sessions were for you
Session “BRICS Reshaped: New Forms but Meaning”
Session “New Security Threats: Terrorism and Information in the Digital Age”
Session “Escaping the Red List: Human Next?”
Session “The Price Is Transition: Who Gets It All?”
Special Session of the Russian Academy of Sciences “Integration of Integrations: BRICS and African Union”
Special Session of the Russian International Affairs Council “Illegitimate influence on the international situation: Opportunities for BRICS”
Special Session of the Russian Energy Agency by the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation “BRICS Energy Research Cooperation Platform”
Session “Guardians of International Trade: Securing Long-Term Growth”
Session “Embracing Progress and Avoiding Dangers: Guidelines for an Era of High-Tech”
Session “AI Technology: Friend, not Foe?”
Session “Why the World is Not Becoming Multipolar: Just Finance”
Session “People in the Spotlight: Maximizing BRICS Biggest Asset”
Session “Planet of Diversity: Developing Civilizational Ties Within BRICS”
How would you evaluate the speakers presentations?*
How would you evaluate the work of the moderators?*


How interesting was the BRICS Academic Forum’s cultural programme for you?
Have you encountered any issues during the cultural programme?


Please rate how comfortable your airport transfer was overall, including
Car arrival time
Drivers’ politeness
The responsiveness of the BRICS Academic Forum organizing committee to your personal transfer requests about time / place of boarding
Access to and availability of information about the transfer place and time


Please rate how satisfied you were with your hotel stay according to these criteria
Convenience and options for early check-in / late check-out
Room conditions
Staff politeness
Have you encountered any difficulties during your check-in or check-out?


How would you overall rate the BRICS Academic Forum?*