Video from the opening ceremony of the BRICS Academic Forum 2024
Opening ceremony of the BRICS Academic Forum
Panel Discussion “BRICS: New Figures at the Global Chessboard”
Session “BRICS Reshaped: New Forms but Meaning”
Session “New Security Threats: Terrorism and Information in the Digital Age”
Session “Escaping the Red List: Human Next?”
Session “The Price Is Transition: Who Gets it All?”
Special Session of the Russian Academy of Sciences “Integration of Integrations: BRICS and African Union”
Special Session of the Russian International Affairs Council “Illegitimate influence on the international situation: Opportunities for BRICS”
Special Session of the Russian Energy Agency by the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation “BRICS Energy Research Cooperation Platform”
Session “Guardians of International Trade: Securing Long-Term Growth”
Session “Embracing Progress and Avoiding Dangers: Guidelines for an Era of High-Tech”
Session “AI Technology: Friend not Foe?”
Session “Why the World is Not Becoming Multipolar: Just Finance”
A Press conference "BRICS Academic Forum: Expansion of the association, outcomes and recommendations"
Session “People in the Spotlight: Maximizing BRICS Biggest Asset”
Session “Planet of Diversity: Developing Civilizational Ties Within BRICS”
Handing over Recommendations of the BRICS Academic Forum-2024 and Closing Session
BRICS Academic Forum